In case you have questions, ...

In case you have questions, remarks or suggestions after watching the Apps you may contact us at
Soon we will introduce a teaching module that will enable interested persons worldwide to get more in depth information on procedures and
guidance by experts at a minimal subscription fee.
If you are interested already now let us know so we can keep you informed.


What does the name iLappSurgery mean?

The project iLappSurgery is started to teach Laparoscopic Surgery in a different way.
It seemed unlogic to write a textbook with technical aspects of laparoscopic surgery without showing it on a screen. That’s why we collect the content and bring it out in an App so it can be played on any mobile device.

Who is supporting the iLappSurgery Foundation?

Actually anyone can support the Foundation.
This means that other Foundations, Medical companies, Educational grants and Private donations are supporting us.

What are the donations of the iLappSurgery Foundation used for?

The donations are partly used for maintenance of the website and the App modules but most of the donations are invested in new content for the Apps and development of new chapters. We also aim to update the content on a regular base.

What is the difference between iLappSurgery App modules and some of the web based video libraries?

Our App modules are adaptive so text and other content can be changed at any time.
If there is a new aspect to a laparoscopic technique we can update the content of that chapter immediately.
The quality of the videos is more important than just the amount of videos and also we try to offer them in a logic and understandable way.
By adding colorizing effects, illustrations and 3D-effects we think the educational value increases and teaching is done in a more dynamic way.

What’s the content of the App-modules?

Our goal is to discuss all aspects of a surgical procedure.
This means that we not only record presentations of experts but also add crucial parts of their slides in the background. Also we add medical illustrations which are all exclusively produced for the iLappSurgery Foundation. Also colorized video parts and 3D animations are part of the modules.