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The iLappSurgery Foundation is started out of passion for surgery and therefore it seemed logic to set it up as a non-profit organization.
Our world known experts are participating without payment so all donations can be invested in the structure of the App modules and the beautifull content.

iLappSurgery is a project that is started to give better access to knowledge of all aspects of laparoscopic procedures. For every procedure we aim to go into detail and discuss embryology, anatomy, history, the scientific base of a procedure and a stepwise approach. We also collect most imported manuscripts on a topic in a library. After finishing an App module further training is necessary but the modules serve as a general overview of a technique and as good preparation for practical sessions.

The content is accesible from any mobile device or a desktop/laptop computer as long as an internet connection or Wifi is available.
Because the App modules are easily adaptive content can be updated at any time.

Because personal data of login, communication and training-procedures are all encrypted the App modules are safe to use.
We think that our project is a new and dynamic way of teaching surgery and therefore we are convinced that it helps surgeons to be updated and better prepared in their daily practice.

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