Mathieu D’Hondt
Mohammed Abu Hilal

Dear colleagues and friends-in-surgery,

Laparoscopic procedures have become widespread in the field of digestive surgery. 

However, till recently, Laparoscopic Liver Surgery (LLS) has been slow to gain popularity. This is due to the technical complexity of these procedures, fear of compromising the surgical margins, the high risk of hemorrhage and the lack of training opportunities.

The first European Guidelines meeting has taken place in Southampton in 2017, emphasizing the need for training , proctoring and a better use of novel technology and social media in spreading the available knowledge and evidence to ensure a safe and wider expansion of the laparoscopic approach.

Safe implementation

If a safe implementation of the laparoscopic approach is achieved, It is likely that LLS will become a more standardized procedure with wider application in the coming decades based upon the experiences of the pioneering surgeons.


Whilst the educational methods including , fellowships, proctoring programs are becoming more available, the need to adapt to new technologies is seen as an essential tool to complete those traditional educational program and to reach a wider audience where a full training package may not be available.


We have therefore felt the need to create this cognitive task simulation module for laparoscopic liver surgery, iLappLiver

The iLappliver platform aims to disseminate knowledge in laparoscopic liver surgery using an on-line platform. Modules within the project contain guidance from experts, detailed medical illustrations, 3D-animations, and colorized videos excerpts demonstrating key concepts.

In this video our program directors Mathieu D’Hondt and Mohammed Abu Hilal welcome you to the iLappLiver platform

Holdafbeeding video

We do really hope that you will find it useful in furthering your skills and expertise.

This project was developed as a non-profit venture. All financial proceeds will be reinvested in optimizing the quality of the current content, producing updates on a regular basis, and developing new content.

Enjoy iLappLiver,

Mathieu D’Hondt - Mohammed Abu Hilal (Program directors iLappLiver)