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In the iLappLiver App-module we aim to disseminate knowledge regarding laparoscopic liver surgery. World renowned experts share their experience and discuss the most important types of liver resections.

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In the iLappRectum App-module we aim to disseminate knowledge regarding surgery of the rectum. Although most of the App-module is focused on TaTME we plan to add information on the laparoscopic and robotic approach.

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In the iLappColon App-module we aim to disseminate knowledge regarding surgery of the colon. Specific procedures will be discussed in detail.

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Minimal Invasive Surgery

Minimal Invasive Surgery is a modern way of endoscopic surgery of the abdomen using a few small incisions allowing instruments to be entered in the abdominal cavity including a small camera by which surgical procedures can be recorded.

Some years ago most surgical procedures in the abdomen were carried out by more invasive methods i.e. by making a large incision to enter the abdomen in order to get access to the internal organs. Such invasive methods offer a higher risk of infections..

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iLappSurgery Foundation

The iLappSurgery Foundation was started out of passion for surgery and therefore it’s a non-profit organization.

The goal of the Foundation is to develop educational material concerning specific advanced techniques in the field of Minimal Invasive Surgery and to make such material available to surgeons, residents and other interested parties worldwide in the form of App-modules. As a result we aim to increase the level of minimal invasive surgical skills in order to lengthen the life expectancy of patients, to improve their quality of life and to shorten the duration of hospital stay.

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Because every move of the surgeon can be watched,
recorded and played back minimal invasive surgery is the perfect technique to teach on a screen.


iLappSurgery focuses on the of development of digital educational materials and aims to spread specialized  knowledge on minimal invasive surgery throughout the world using the web based App-modules on an iPhone iPad, android or desktop.

In this project knowledge of experts in surgery is shown in the most understandable and educational way and as a result iLappSurgery is innovative in the medical world.

The currently avaiable teaching modules are focusing on minimal invasive surgery of the rectum, colon and liver.
Additional modules are developed and an update is available on a regular base.

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Quick access

The use of App and digital modules in the field of surgical teaching is still in an initial stage, but minimal invasive surgery is ideal for such an approach as it uses a small camera inserted in the abdominal cavity resulting in a digital recording of the procedures.

The editing of the iLappSurgery video-parts is handled by a team of specialists consisiting of a 3D-graphist, a medical illustrator, a video editor and a colorizing-editor and other specialists.

All procedures are commented by world renowned experts

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The iLappSurgery Foundation is a non-profit organization supported by private funding and educational grants from medical companies.
Main sponsors are listed in the individual App Modules.